COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has had a flow-on effect on the construction industry. Even though restrictions are gradually being relaxed, the implications on the economy are yet to be fully realised.

However, this industry has ridden through many crippling impacts, including the recent resource sector collapse, the global financial crisis and the normal roller coaster of the boom and bust cycle, and yet we continue to adapt and soldier on.

Together we can get through this next phase if we keep the virus off our construction sites. The MBA recommends five steps that we should all follow carefully.

1. Don’t let COVID-19 onto our site – through site access controls, temperature checks and worker health monitoring. If you feel sick – STAY HOME – that’s what sick pay is for.

2. Contain COVID-19 by working smarter – working in teams and keeping segregated as much as possible.

3. Mates don’t expose mates to COVID-19 – keep the distancing rules in force, and don’t touch each other. Follow these rules when at work, at play or at your mates house.

4. You touch it, you clean it – tools, equipment, plant controls or any other shared equipment. Clean it ready for the next person. Wear your gloves wherever practical.

5. Be a social distancing champion – protect others, your mates and your family. Remind others about these safety rules, it could save their life – or the life of their loved ones.

Washing your hands is by far the best control for the virus. According to lab technicians, a thin layer of fatty tissue covers the external layer of this virus, giving it the ability to survive for a week or more outside a host. Soap and water break up this fatty layer and the virus is killed immediately.

Stay safe Perth and Western Australia, and lets get back out there, we’ve got work to do!

On Behalf of Crown Construction Services management team.